GMod - What are you working on? March 2016 (#55)

Highlights from the previous thread

Falling platforms are cool

Thanks, didn’t really thought it would take off as it did.
Also: Yay, in highlights :smiley:

That UI Library thing looks beautiful. I need that shit. Bad

I don’t know how to use sine waves in math yet but I sure as hell do know how to use them to make things look good.

DarkRP ft. code_gs lockpick model

For F(t) = Af(Bt – C) + D

A = amplitude (modifies the tallness of the wave)
B = period for (2*pi)/|B| (modifies how fast the wave is, or more descriptively, how often the wave ends one full cycle)
C = phase/horizontal shift for C/B (left/right shift from origin)
D = vertical shift (up/down shift from origin)
f = Wave function (sine or cosine (inverted and tangent has different properties))
t = time/your function argument

You’re holding your standard hook upside-down. Unless you want to pretend your server is in Europe :v

Also thieves would use rakes / bump keys and even bypasses instead of SPP’ing a lock

I did a thing
I know you probably think it’s basic but I like the idea :frowning:

On a side note to do with that thing, if any of you know how to properly align 3D2D stuff so it fits on the screen all the time or how to load image data as an IMaterial without having to save it, please tell me here

I actually designed the world model to be more comical; the HoldType should pistol so that it’s held out front. The ViewModel is more practical, and has a pin-tumbler pick and narrow Z wrench

I haven’t posted any content recently, been very busy with school and the likes, but I finally got around to working on something I’ve always wanted to do: mirrors!

They’re far from perfect, and lag horribly, but mirrors nonetheless.

How come legs don’t show on the front side of the mirror?

I have absolutely no idea. Besides, once I get player drawing to work, the legs will be hidden.

Looks like a toothbrush

Idk what methods you are doing, but that shouldn’t be cutting framerate so hard unless you’ve got a toaster.

Mind posting some of the render code?

Won’t this essentially double the render time? Or is there some way you can only render the parts the mirror would show?

Yea I think it renders the world twice just at the 180 degree angle. I don’t think its possibe to render less but maybe you could add fog or something

My question is; how the fuck do you know everything there is to know about Lua?

Double rendering shouldn’t be causing this much lag. If it did, then the RT camera tool or any minimap script would lag your game to shit too.

He may be performing redundant render operations. I’m just curious how similar the code is to the portal gun.


That’s not Lua that’s basic Trigonometry.

Ahh I see, well, I never took Trig as I’m not going to college until I have enough money lol. No Student Loan Debt for me!