GMod - What are you working on? - May 2014 (#33)

GMod - What are you working on? - May 2014 (#33)

Now with proper title!

Highlights from the previous thread:


aw I didn’t make the highlights :frowning: also that LEETNOOB one isn’t actually his

It’s May already?

For me it has been may for 1 hour 16 minutes. Timezones.

Why didn’t you filter out some of the results?

Are these really the highlights of May.

I did


April was a joke after all.

if the last one was #33 shouldnt this be #34

Actually… it’s not may for me yet, I’ve got 1 hour and 5 minutes of April left!

…I better make them count.

Why is my epic rave not here?! Damn it!

why did a bad piece of code make it in the highlights? is this thread supposed to be bad now

Last was #32

close thread

someone else start another

acecool making it into a waywo highlight

fuckin’ done. this is almost as bad as the March highlights in which I made it into the highlights with a video of me exploiting atms on gmod, please preview the OP before posting the thread.

i kinda wanna remake the old prop hunt (props vs humans) gamemode
haven’t played it in forever

i liked suicide barrels, might recreate it at some point.

this is actually going quite well, found a partly-non-working version in another thread
fixing it up, but i can’t really remember the original gameplay

Please do!

What I find even worse is that even after looking at the OP, the author still hasn’t edited out the non-content “worthy” ones. Seriously. If you do something, do it right.