GMod - What are you working on? November 2014 (#39)

Is it really that time again?

Here goes. [sp]Posts taken from the first / last few pages. Let me know via PM if I need to add something else[/sp]

Highlights from the previous thread


Current output is


Should it have the icon in output? Should I separate the library name and function name like so:

Do we even need this?

I think that would be awesome if you return the side color (Server-Client)

I’d use it. I miss the old wiki’s bbcode crap.

Return the side color?

Huh, i tought that the orange square was an image,
What i meant it’s show the side of the function, like an orange square if it’s clientside, i think that would be more useful than the gmod wiki favicon

So, i’m very new to coding lua. It’s actually the only language I have taken on. So I have only made a couple things but here they are:

I Changed the model and HUD on the Spray Paint addon, and I also made that HUD.

I am also working on a Police NPC for DarkRP. I just need a new model is all. That was the first time I ever messed around with Derma:

Also take note that the HUD below and the Spray Paint HUD was the first time I have ever messed around with HUDs. So if it’s ugly then sorry!

So yeah. Feedback would be cool :smiley:

One of these days I should beat you to a new post!

Made it into the highlights for a reason that wasn’t pointing at my monitor


Use direct links in [img] tags, like “

01:12 - Divran:
01:12 - Divran: this looks like another possible solution
01:16 - Divran: or
01:16 - Divran: if you want it to be clearer
01:16 - Divran: what you could do is
01:16 - Divran: when the person hovers over that "copy to clipboard" icon you have
01:16 - Divran: you replace the text to the right of that icon
01:16 - Divran: with a text entry field
01:16 - Divran: and use javascript to select it
01:17 - Divran: allowing them to hit ctrl+c
01:17 - Divran: then when they stop hovering over the icon
01:17 - Divran: it flips back to text
01:17 - Rubat: heh, that's a cute idea

what do you guys think? agree/disagree/etc

Good work guys :slight_smile:

Sorry bout’ that! Fixed!

I’ve been working on a gamemode of mine in Gmod, I just got off a hectic shift though at Pizza Hut (shift manager, horrible…) so I’ll post my progress tomorrow.

Just one thing - Versus Saxton Hale (posted about it before)

I just started working on my own gamemode today, I like to think I’ve had the skills to make one for a while now but never had any motivation to do it. I want to make a good looking, working public release gamemode. I have stacked up on drinks and food and I’m going to do an all nighter.

This is the first time that I’ve ever really planned out an idea, normally, since I do addons which are normally small, I wing it.

Going pretty damn good.

Hey, I’m starting another gamemode too. It’s going to be BuildRP without the RP.

Will you call it Sandbox?

I always thought BuildRP was defined as sandbox with rp.

For me, it’s Sandbox with fall damage and money.