GMod - What are you working on? November 2016 (#63)

Highlights from the previous thread

merry christmas

Woo made it in the highlights for the first time! :joy:

Hoping to see some impressive projects this month~

Nooo, show them the latest version of the PID!! That video shows it so slow :cry:



Nevermind, I am mistaking you for someone else.

Wow…I didn’t show nothing this month :frowning:

Dunno if this counts, but I’ve been working on playermodels that don’t use the valve biped.

Careful, now. PMing someone without written consent will get you banned around these parts. :v:

Very funny. He has PMs disabled. Doesn’t matter, I am mistaking him for someone else.

Moving on…

Congrats G!

Figured out how decal transfer works, it adds so much to immersion

“This video is not available.”

Works fine here

Even ue4 doesnt have support for skeleton meshes, feel glad about this 10 yo engine guys

Hey freeman, u’re okay?

Drugz mod 2016

This is a petrol powered oil-drill for SeriousRP (WIP)

use [.t][/t] without the .

This model is a car production bay. Players will feed it resources and it will produce cars (by un-ghosting them) for their in-game company, which that company can then sell to other players.

Working on a customizable hud for the inventory system. Next up, grid snapping!

That looks awesome! I’d really like to see a server use that.

Also, what’s the song? I think I’ve heard it in a game I played before.