GMod - What are you working on? October 2017 (#74)

Highlights from the previous thread

Great work everyone, and sweet I made the highlights.

As for an update I got shadows and masks to work together.

I’v packaged it up in an easy to use system, for example this is how you add a shadow to anything you

hook.Add("HUDPaint", "ShadowTest", function()
	draw.RoundedBox(0, 100, 100, 100, 100, Color(255,255,255,255))
	BSHADOWS.EndShadow(5, 3)

The result

Masks are just as easy, no need to worry about stencils anymore when doing UI. Masks can also be generate at runtime, instead of using a PNG you can use any draw calls.

I’ll be releasing it soon, hopefully it will be some use to some of you.

Double highlights yasssssss

As your #1 fan, I say no-one else is more deserving :lick:

Would be cool to see if this could also be used to create outlines. I’ve been using the blur thing in fonts to draw “outlines” like these for a while now:

But maybe your method is much better. To draw these things I use a library so once you release I’ll try to see if I can add this somehow. Most likely I’ll use your library for other shapes at least. Seems pretty cool if those two calls are all you have to do.

Sweet. The system I created work with any draw calls, including text or pngs, etc. I’m acctually packaging it for release now.

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I just released it if anyone is interested

Just updated my workshop downloader to have a live progress report.

I’ve been advancing progress in Desolation. One of the bigger things is the new dreaming mechanic:

The video is low res, has glitches and there are some soft cuts (to show multiple “hints”), but you can get the idea.

Basically there are some items that’ll appear from time to time that, on use, will reveal a cryptic hint about something random (crafting skill required for a certain item, useful items, etc.). Also, if there’s a main symptom present (hunger, thirst, cold, hot, etc.), random words will appear and vanish in the screen revealing ways to counter those symptoms.

Glad you’ve been working on this. It’s honestly saved me a lot of time over the past few months.

Did a huge update on StormFox. Finally fixed the black skybox bug. (The screen-text was some debug stuff .. its removed now) The wind-proppush is off by default on servers and only affects props outside (Notice the two lights in the video).

Out of coffee tho …

I still can’t believe how amazing your weather mod is.

Man this looks great, the more I see you post the more I want to try to create something like this.

The wind is pretty great. I would consider though making the bigger droplets on the screen slightly less visible/blurrier as well as perhaps make the rain-ground impact effect half its size and slightly more transparent

Also, another little thingy I’ve been working on (sorry for the enormous pictures):

I sense inspiration from Kingdom Hearts :v:

No he don’t, i don’t see him grinning

That’d be kind of cool to set the facial flex of the hud model based on how much hp

One day I will make the damn highlights!

Currently working on a Warn module for servers, also might do another HUD.

Might help if you post some of your work so we can have an idea of what you’re doing.