GMod - What are you working on? September 2014 (#37)

Time for another thread.

Highlights from the previous thread

Highlights chosen from first and last pages, PM me if you want me to add anything else!

40 minutes late

Not a good start to a WAYWO thread.

Working on a chatbox. View when open and sending a message[/t]
and when closed & not sending messages.

Making my mark here as one does in wet concrete!

( dont crucify me, I will show something later )

Given that I haven’t posted in a WAYWO in a while, the “First Lua Project” thing prompted me to post my admin mod (which is still partially WIP), so I’ll copy the post here too, including the video demonstration.

I present: my admin mod for my server. I made this after none of the existing ones fitted my purposes, and I wanted the challenge of creating the perfect admin mod.

The video demonstrates most of the features in it, but I’ll also explain them here.

  • Rank editing. Creation and removal of ranks, customisation of the rank colour, permissions, name, icon and what that rank can target with commands/permissions.
  • Offline user modification. Set the rank of offline users through a GUI, or add new users to the system.
  • Adverts.
  • Restrictions, including restrictions of certain “properties” (drive option be gone!). Only downside is that things you want to restrict must be manually specified.
  • Prop logging in the console, with a timestamp too. Not demonstrated in the video as it’s on TTT.
  • Command help in the console. Planned extension to include what the command actually does :v:
  • Plugin system. The mod isn’t designed for any specific gamemode.
  • Adjustable bans, nothing special here.
  • Ranks are ordered in immunity, reflected in all the menus, much like in the Evolve mod.
  • Damagelog. Right click an entry to freeze and bring the inflictor.

I’m actually tempted to rewrite this, as its derma isn’t the strong point. Something more modular like ULX or Evolve.

i haven’t even been using lua for a year yet and i’ve been in multiple op’s already
god damn

gotta get my thumbs outta my ass and continue working

September doesn’t start until tomorrow, I think this new thread came a little prematurely?

Anyway, I never post it, and I’ve decided at this point not to release more early examples of content, especially since I keep deleting and recycling what I make… I am working on a gamemode right now, the original purpose being to house weapons and assorted scripts to use for a set of levels tailored to an idea I thought up a while back. Now, however, I was thinking I would start it with a lobby, similar to my original idea, where you can choose different gamemodes out of a pack… ok, I’m even starting to confuse myself!

Basically I’m trying to make an entire new game… using gamemodes, and a lot of content from Half-Life 2. It’s set to be a fictional part of the half-life story.
There will be a lobby that does not use menus, but rather you stand in specified areas to cast your vote. There would be a timer, and when that timer goes off it would load whatever mode had the most votes. You can, of course, change your vote by moving to a different area, but if no votes are cast it would load the server-set default gamemode.
Gamemodes would include story mode (single-player or co-op, there must be players on the human side but players could decide to play for the combine too :smile:), Competitive Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Team Escape, Team Rescue, and other assorted gamemodes related directly to the story, and I even thought I could mix in some unrelated ones, perhaps to fulfill an idea I had many, many months past, some sort of Super Mario gamemode.

That’s a lot of text, so lets just say I’m working on a project that will include many, many gamemodes that would be linked together by a lobby. It’s similar to GMOD Tower, but I’m not buying dedicated servers for each gamemode, and I don’t want to put that requirement on my ‘customers’ whom might possibly download this package.

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That was a quick dumb rating…

**I forgot to mention, that lobby idea will change ever so slightly during development. In fact, a lot of ideas will change, but the story will not.

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Got the highlights list! Aw yeah. Thanks man!

Finally decided to work on my phone addon again after several mishaps

Better scrolling system being made now.
As you can see, the icons can be in any random placement with any shape and still work.

What generator did you use? I feel like funnies aren’t appreciated enough.

Started working on a Deathrun server from scratch

Here’s a screenshot of the Admin Mod ban UI
Bans are done with MySQL, so will be global etc etc[/t]

As for the gamemode itself, here’s a picture of the current HUD + Scoreboard.


There’s also this thing


Now I just need to make a store
and achievements
and stats
and a jukebox

Woo custom content :V