GMod - What are you working on? September 2015 (#49)

Highlights from the previous thread

awesome, I made the highlights!

I’d like to thank the academy, and the Gmod wiki.

Thanks for reminding me how lazy I was last month.

Aw I even made zombie chickens for TTT

Make them Robot Chickens, You shall win next months highlights with it

First time I ever made it into the highlights…

Finally!!! :V

I was trying to overwrite the weapons tab for my weapon pack I’m working on but I couldn’t get it to work, so I opted for a new spawnmenu tab all together.

Not much has been done since the last time I’ve posted anything about the mail, the doors 3D2D has been redone as well as the menu for checking the mail.


This is no where near completion, there’s still much to do.

fixed up my shield generator entity i made a while ago:

damage is reduced to 1 on players and props inside the shield, but only when the damage originates from outside the shield. This allows players to run into the field to kill players without having to bring it down. Props and players also put load on the shield, so the more players/props you have in the shield, the more damage it takes.

We need better highlights.

I mean … COME ON we got one retarded lamp model and a HUD.

Sweet I love these threads. What a wonderful way to put together the developer discussion and get our players talking about the thing we all love! GLua!

Maybe start posting better content then?

It has nothing to do with “start posting better content”, if peoples do shit just don’t “highlight” the post.
There is no “monthly quota”.

Like we got a fucking flashlight model.*

Some content is better than no content or a dick throwing a tantrum over the whole case.

Whats wrong with a flashlight model? Maybe that dude has worked hard on that model and people find that it looks great quality wise

When I saw that flashlight I was impressed. You could have a model of a pile of shit and still be impressed. If it’s a detailed model that looks good then it’s worth mentioning.

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Not aimed at you just agreeing :wink: aimed at the other guy who isn’t appreciating good work.

Making a half decent flashlight model can take quite a bit of effort, more effort then one of the things I got into the highlights with.

So stuff gets picked by someone than ratings? [sp]I liked the rohan highlight generator since this choose my stuff, i’m a bad loser ;([/sp]
Sorry, but why this is not in highlights

Same for this.

This one was actually intended to be in the highlights, not sure why I didn’t put it in there. Added now.

[del]Leystryku’s custom client would probably be better placed in the Programming WAYWO.[/del]

Can we please stop discussing this and post content now?

**Edit: **Updated highlights.