GMod - What are you working on? September 2016 (#61)

Highlights from the previous thread

Double socket (for SeriousRP gamemode)

The plugging in and unplugging will involve disabling collisions from Lua.

Also, the switch positions will have their visibility toggled accordingly (bodygroups) when pressing E on the corresponding side of the socket.|1024:576&composite-to%3D*%2C*|1024%3A576&background-color=black

Remade my dealer (not finished yet)

Main menu:[/t]

Vehicle menu:


lil lights feature:


I know the padding is a bit off, but I’m not done yet :wink:

Working on a nice interface based on the Battlefield 1 main menu. Here’s what I have so far.

It’s nothing special, but I’m happy with the hour of work I’ve put in.

This just makes me sad. ( DLabel source )

Wanted to learn how to use meshes. Coded a small neat 3d music visualizer just to test a bit.

O.o Thats… Just amazing…

Thanks a lot, I had honestly no idea what to do when I made this. But it turned out somewhat decent. :v:

I like what your doing with the outlets, are you going to make them an entity to be placed around maps? Also will this be a game mode people can download or are you going to have a server up for? I didn’t read anything from the last thread so I don’t know if you answered these in the last thread.

To answer your questions:

  1. These outlets are one of a number of types of items that can be manufactured and sold for use by RP companies to form electrical grids within the gamemode.

  2. This gamemode is named SeriousRP and will be free (liberty license - see the link for details). I’ve been designing it for a long time now. When I release it, it will be available at

  3. There is a lot more than this that I have done and / or designed but that I’m not announcing yet.

Are they just being bought and sold as is? Is there a way for the player to “produce” these goods being sold or it it just bought in a shop and resold?

Wow. Really cool idea, I love the idea of the outlets that seems amazing. I will be sure to check it out once it’s done. Thanks for the answer.

But i’ve got a question.
How the fuck did you do that monstrosity?

Each type of item in the gamemode is produced by a machine which consumes some items and produces others.

This outlet/socket (for example) would be produced by a machine that has been “crafted” by an engineer (who may work for an engineering organization). The machine will require plastic and metal as inputs and produce its designated type of output.

Only some items are crafted (and only by specified group types) because other groups buy machines to produce those items (instead of grinding XP like in an RPG).

Every item in the game is defined in a shared lua file so that individual servers can customize what items they have and which types of organizations can produce which types of item-producing machines.

Some machines require fire to produce their output, others might require gasoline, others yet might require electricity themselves. Fire is created using wood. I will specify the default for how this works but a server owner that knows Lua will be free to remap the entire thing or add / remove items and machines as they wish.

I have plans that go further than this but I’m just giving away a little bit of detail now for those that are interested :slight_smile:

and what does depth represent?

When I was actively developing on Garry’s Mod, I gave up on trying to make good UI due to stuff like this littered all throughout the controls.
It gets worse the further in you go and more advanced UI you try to make.

Yeah, aligning with tabs is gross - indent with tabs, align with spaces

-- all three methods are semantically identical.

This makes me sad too.

GetName returns the unique ID of the entity, inherited from CBaseEntity or whatever.

Not for the player. It’s literally alias of Player.Nick, as well as Player.Name:

I have no idea why we need 3.