GMod - What are you working on? September 2017 (#73)

Highlights from the previous thread

I’ll put this at the top; Kiwi is after feedback for the GMod section!

Ugh god that weather mod… I need it so badly

It looks so cool, can’ t wait for more !!

No webhooks? :disgust:

it was only 3 pathetic lines anyway so it’d take up the rest of the empty space here

hook.Add( "PlayerSay", "Discord", function( ply, text )
	http.Post( "{WEBHOOK_ID}/{WEBHOOK_TOKEN}", { content = text, username = ply:Nick() } )
end )

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That SVG renderer is incredible

So does that Wheather system control day and night cycles as well?

Anyone remember this thing from Toybox?

I am working on remaking it from scratch, currently the trail rendering works, but the damage is a bit tricky.[/t]


- Redid the environment-script (Now fully supports rain-direction, glass roof, windows/glass walls .. ect) - Fixed and updated sounds to use the new environment-script - Raindrops, sounds and effects now follow calcview. - Raindrops will now have a bit gravity (if the calcview angle is neutral). - SF will now try to create as many missing map-entities it can. - A bit optimization/improvements here and there.


  • Add ‘rain-dust’ particles.
  • Override the env_sun and make my own. (½ done)
  • Windsounds.
  • Make SF automatically generate weather. (½ done)
  • Test on a few selected servers.

[Edit] Huh, looks like SF support cabriolet-cars from the workshop. You better have a roof on your car.

It’s a little loud. I think the outside-walking sound is perfect levels of volume but when you’re inside and whatnot it seems like it might drown out other more important noises.

But damn if that isn’t impressive. <3

Working on a new central inventory/main menu for Monolith: here’s what it looks like so far!

Rain particles are looking much better now.

I think the colored highlights/accents you have going on for the shapes is a great choice, definitely adds to the readability and individuality of things, instead of just a bunch of nigh-identical bars and such.

This part is just my own opinion, but the name above the character is a little close to the character’s head, and the typeface seems a bit too bold. It may look somewhat better if the font is a bit thinner, if the font has a regular or light version.

Otherwise it looks very clean, not distracting, and nicely laid out!

Riceeeeeeee can’t wait for the release! :goodjob: :incredible:

Yeah, I agree with the character name is quite too low, thanks for the input :slight_smile:

Thanks. You where right, it was a biiiit too loud, Made the indoor-sounds ½ volume.

Also added a few extra entities that light up in the night.

Not sure if I should make the lights persistent after an admin presses E on them, or tell people to use a entity-spawner addon.

Are those dynamic lights? That could fuck people’s framerates pretty fierce.

They are dynamic, but it depends on how many the serverower/admins place. The light will only turn on/render when the CalcView is close to them.
Also made a clientside-option to turn off all dynamic lights from the lamp-entities (render effects will still be drawn).

Wait - does the script also introduce a day/night cycle? I’m confused - thought it was just weather stuff

I was going to make it a weather-only mod, however that would mean that other day/night-cyclemods are unable to use the skypaint, or forced to use some sort of API.

At this point StormFox is an environment-mod with weather, day/night-cycles, moon, wind … ect
Its all included.

Awesome. Looking forward to seeing it in action.

Posting the last miniupdate here, don’t want to create too many posts

Next update will be v1