[GMOD]What to do?

so ive finished editing a map.
but now if i join the map i editied all the materials and everything is gone?
did i do something wrong? please help me

you need to make sure the server has any custom materials you used installed too plus use pakrat to pack te materials into your bsp http://www.tophattwaffle.com/downloads/pakrat/

Thank you taz0, you have helped me so much on the other posts aswell. is there anyway i can add you on steam :3?

check ur PM

i can’t find you on steam can you add me ?

You can use pakrat or MAN to put materials and models in your map. OR you can do the old fashion way and place the wanted materials into a materials folder and the models into a models folder. Either way can work, before workshop, the old fashion way was very effective.

The real BSP. has 72 MB, and when im finished editing, i use pakrat to extract the materials into the new BSP but the new bsp is now 32 MB, and does not work. materials still missing.

Read the output of pakrat, it’s going to tell you why. Doing any game development, reading your output logs is half the job. You’re going to have to get used to that fact.

I personally recommend either:
A) Coping your files from whatever branch you’re developing in to garrysmod. This way you do not have to bspzip every time it works.
B) Ditch pakrat because its old and dated. Use VIDE. Or if you’re sadistic, use bspzip.
C) Run the map in the game in the branch your developing in.