Gmod wheels

Why don’t gmod wheels have a max speed slider, a break key, and an “break if not used” option ?

Might want to learn you some E2 and use makespherical wheels.

I already asked some people if they could make an e2 with that, they said it wasn’t possible.

Uhh… you use applyTorque to power the wheels, and weld latches for brakes. If you’re not familiar with e2, centrally axis a rotating rod on your vehicle, and put some thrusters on it, and advanced ballsocket it to your wheels.

If i want a max speed, it’s because i want a wasd turret base , yeah, i know i can make a turret by balancing the frictrion / torque but i want to be able to change the turret weight without feraing that the turret don’t turn anymore or turn too fast