Gmod Whitelist System?

so i just recently opened up my private server to some people and have been using an addon i found on the steam workshop however it is in someways inconvenient as i would have to be on the server to whitelist someone (im lazy… i know) it’s just that i can’t always be there and i have looked around quite a bit and can’t find any info on this ive seen other games like rust have a system where you can whitelist with a steam group by adding a launch command, is there anything like this for gmod? or no?

What’s the addon? Maybe you could do it from the the remote console.

So from what I understand they need to be a part of the steam group to be whitelisted, is that right?

im using this addon from the workshop and i may be able to add things from the console i would just have to look through the files

Well no, when i was talking about this i was saying that ive seen other games with things like this and was wondering if gmod had any way to do it