GMOD Wiki edits.

This might be the wrong place, but I dunno…

Either way a wiki without a search seems very lacking. Is this planned or?

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I’m referring to the new disgusting wiki layout that appeared today btw.

There is a search button, it’s per section.

You click the section you are looking for stuff in, top left there’s a search bar.

New **default **skin is awful.

Change your preference monobook.

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The new skin simply doesn’t fit the wiki templates, function pages look like a joke.

I mean, what?


Actually no, it doesn’t auto load in any section for me. Insanely stupid but I found it, you have to scroll up to see the menu, the site loads @ if you then scroll up the menu and search appears. Not obvious in the slightest’s_Mod_-_Google_Chrome_2013-02-11_22-47-15.png

I only got this:’s_Mod_-_Google_Chrome_2013-02-11_22-47-30.png

by using my mouse wheel, you can’t use the site navigation buttons. Notice the scroll bar, you can’t even use that to get to the menu.

What was wrong with the old look, it’s a wiki. That’s how a wiki looks :frowning:

I’ve changed it back to monobook now, thanks for the tip. But having to create an account just to not use an awful and broken theme sucks.

I wouldn’t mind if the navigation sidebar stuff was still there


garry why did you change the theme, the old one was perfect.

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nevermind that doesn’t stick

So, why the Comic Sans v2 font?

Quick fix until something is done.

omg its like geocities

It’s almost like Garry is asking us to use the old wiki hosted on

That version of the wiki is awesome, the collapsible button for Hooks and Functions. Everything within few clicks.

Why did it go away. :frowning:

too cluttered with things relating to wiremod and other such non vanilla mods. Didn’t have much to do with vanilla Gmod.

I am aware of that. The appearance is what I’m talking about.

It’s the damn font. I don’t have a problem with the colors. But at least make them work together, and not like someone’s first go at web design.


Is there a GChrome way to use this?

Tampermonkey. And you can actually download it and drag it to the extensions page to install it too. Just Tampermonkey lets you install it by browsing to the script itself.

I’m not sure what gchrome is, but it works fine with chrome.