Gmod Wiki "Hacker" ^^

Oh god i lolled so hard. Like 10 mins ago, a guy named Speedster used a wiki account named GREEMAN to “hack” the gmod wiki and edited the frontpages to “Hacked by speedster” ^^ what a kiddo! i reverted some back but looks like he’s still awake, prolly because there is no elementary school tomorrow :smiley:

i bet he doesnt even know that reverting everything he changed will take like 5 seconds

pure awesome ^^ “hacking” a wiki with his ubra hacking skillZ! (aka creating an account ^^)

You mean “vandalising”
Or however you spell that.

He said “hacking” because the idiot claimed he was “hacking”.

Just an FYI.

I’m pretty sure no one cares about what you did today OP.

Oh my gawsh he edited a wiki