GMOD Wiki Purge

I want to extend a gigantic “fuck you” to the asshole who decided that purging the whole GMOD wiki was a good idea.

This was meant as a clean slate when GM13 was announced, but since GM13 has been in development, it makes coding things in GMOD that much more difficult as the available archives are broken or nonfunctional in a lot of ways, in addition to being unable to freely browse for useful functions. No matter how many third party parts of the GM wiki were there, the removal of all of the LUA resources means that you spend the vast majority of your time dredging through reefs of useless webpages looking for information.

As a small example, a SWEP holdtype must be called both serverside and clientside, and has been that way since rev 77 or 78 (according to a wiki page). With that page gone, and the archived versions holding on only through a cache, that information is really hard to find.

I dread trying to look up derma or other clientside LUA systems as most of the shit is in an unreadable or unfindable state.

Why the fuck did anyone think this was a good idea? It’s easy to mash on a delete button, but getting back half of that information is going to take hours and hours of work by some poor bastards because one person threw a fucking hissyfit about third party addons having information on the wiki.

I completely agree :frowning:

Searching the cache files can be a bitch, life was so simple when you could find what you wanted on Overs LUA search and directly link to the correct wiki page :frowning:

Garry said he would do some automatically documentation on the new wiki, didn’t see anything of that yet though.

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It really was a bad idea to just trash the wiki because he didn’t like it anymore, besides now other users have to pay to the traffic that once was his.

On the bright side, all the mirrors are about 4x faster than the original wiki :v: has search bars on every page has search bar on front page has luabin and luasearch

I don’t understand the issue?

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if anything is is better, as Wizard said the mirrors are a ton faster than the wiki ever was

The issue is that these are unable to be kept up to or edited anymore.

There for people will keep making the same mistakes since other people can’t make a note on how to do something the right way.

Not criticising for you but a mirror is not quite a wiki.

They are deprecating, and have no direct links from article to article. You can’t browse functions either.

Because every single function sure did change. There is a link on the new wiki to a list of things Garry has changed, all you have to do is cross-reference it with Maurits’ wiki. As for the “no direct links from article to article”, That is just untrue. I can easily browse by clicking on links. Lastly, if by “browse functions” you mean use Overv’s luabin, he took that down, and is not related to the changes to the wiki.

Huh, trying to hop from article to article gets me downloads unless I use Google Cache.

(it’s still time consuming and a pain in the ass)

I don’t think it’s that big of a deal as of right now considering a ton of things have changed in GMod 13

Is GM13 out of beta yet?


Then why can’t we have a resource for the game we have now, rather than the game that’s been in the pipe for quite a while?

Yeah, the wiki is now 10x more pointless than it was before…

Please bring that old wiki back until you get the new one properly situated with full functionality.
It just blows.

I remember bananatree or maurits created a wiki with all the saved wiki data that you can actually edit.
I think the problem is that nobody knows about those wikis.
I don’t even remember the URL for them since the cached Garrys Mod wikis plague all of google.

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btw this is not what I’m talking about in case you are confused:

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No wonder people don’t use them anymore, they’re both down :frowning:


It wasn’t being edited so took the editable one down.

I have a mirror with a search bar on

Also - I have a useful search page that does the job (semi-well)

But these are bad solutions, it’d be nice to have the regular functioning wiki.

I actually worked on it for a while. I imported some templates in :frowning:

I’m sorry babe </3

Couldn’t agree more OP. From what we were told, the primary reason why everything was deleted was because Garry disliked the wiki being extensively about Wiremod and other addons. I still think it was stupid. Instead of tying everything together in one useful resource, he wants each addon to essentially fuck off and get their own wiki.

Baby you can make it up by reopening it up and getting it more publicity <3

tbh I think there was some sort of database loss since the forums were offline for a good week before garry really said anything

Hun we’re setting up new webservers for Slidefuse now - so after I get everything moved I’ll set it back up for you. FORGIVE ME!

Garry pretty much announced that he was purging the wiki and that there was some backup of the database up on google docs at a point.