Gmod will not download files

So, I just got a brand new desktop, I know its specs wont stop me from downloading crud, but whenever I try going on to any server, My pc will not download ANY files unless its from the workshop. Even though people are still going to suggest the following anyway, here is what I have done. Set cl_allowdownload to 1, set cl_downloadfilter to all, Made sure in multiplayer settings to download all custom files, Re installing gmod, verifying the cache, mounting ALL of my existing source games (CS:source, Portal 2, TF2, ect other than hl2 'cause I dont have it and NOT willing to buy it), and you name it, I will let you know I have done it unless I didnt do it. Please help.

Do they not appear at all as downloading, or are they redownloaded every time you join the server?
Did it ever occur to you that the server might not be forcing you to download anything?

It could be a firewall problem. Have you checked that out?

Yes. It repeats the download

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Nope, Not a firewall problem.

Heres what I get. “HTTP ERROR downloading

The server is misconfigured. The file they force you to download doesn’t exist on their FastDL server. There’s nothing you can do about it.

Any way I can get the files manually?

Well, ask the server owner to fix their fastDL server or give you the necessary files.