Gmod without css

Lets say I have orange box with gmod 10. Will it work without crappy pink checkered things if I download maps with no css? Any idea?

How about hl2dm with gmod?

If you download maps with CSS content without owning CSS then you will not see the textures/models, same goes for if you buy it with HL2DM.

The only way for you to avoid getting pink and black checkerboards ever would be to own HL2, HL2DM, HL2EP1, HL2EP2, TF2, Portal and DoDS.

Getting The Orange Box is certainly a good course of action but CSS is pretty much required for pretty much every map out there.

No. Since you won’t have the textures, you will see default (checkers).

Thanks guys. I appricate it~

On certain walls and models yes but on the floor of maps you will see white lines


This works out everything thread should be locked now. No more discussion’s are needed.

hmm, i got tf2. but the lacer on the drugz mod, its tf2 sirynge gun, it appears as im using an error. yet i do own tf2 and its mounted. weird.

Oh no, a typo. Whatever shall we do!? How DARE I make a mistake, God I’m such a cunt.

If you need me to I can be a witness.

will work, but if you want to play zombie survival have fun seeing errors and checker board textures