gmod without internet connection

So, im sure a similar question has been asked many times before (gmod without steam)
however, i have bought and payed for a legit copy of gmod, and for the next two or three weeks, after i move i wont be able to certify my steam logon due to no internet, but i still have steam running

is there any way to launch garrysmod without an internet connection?

Yes. Just run steam in offline mode and your set :slight_smile:

Good Luck To You, Steam Offline Mode Is/Was A Bit Sketchy.
Kept Fucking Around With My Login Details >:(
Make Sure You Launch All The Games Your Probably Going To Play Before You Move Because Otherwise It Wont Let You Launch Them Offline.

Why are you using caps for every word you type…?

Steam offline can be a bitch to get working, Most of the time it doesn’t even fucking work for me.