Gmod wont download files

For some reason Gmod wont download the files from a server. Well some it will. Just not like Sassilization, Jokerice, Blackops,And many Others. It also says “Could Not Download Lua Cache” or Other things. It pretty much skips the files.

Go to your garrysmod cache folder and clear all the dua cache files EXCEPT the download.cache (I am not sure if it is a bat file or cache idk just don’t delete that) and reconnect.

Thanks for the reply…I didn’t see the “download.cache” or .bat So i just deleted the folder…

No, Don’t delete it. Just remove the files in there.

I didn’t see the “Download.cache”

it would look like 118273a5672b.cache or something, anyway. It seems that this may be a server problem.

No its not a server problem. Can you connect to sassilization? I cant.

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There is absolutely no problem with deleting files in there, as Steam will automatically extract the needed files from the GCF. If you are so inclined, you could delete the entire lua folder with no issue (except for files you put in there yourself).

As for this issue, do you have downloading enabled? Go to the Multiplayer tab in options, and in the bottom right corner, make sure you have “Allow all custom files from server” enabled.

Yes i do. I have checked it many times.

Bump I REALLLLY need help D:

Bump…Please help D:

Delete your cache folder in garrysmod/garrysmod and put “cl_downloadfilter all” (no quotes) in console

Yet again…Not working…


maybe the server side files are bad.
if they are you may want to see what addons they have and get them on your client.
If they are custom addons then chances are they will not give them to you.

Its been happening eversince the new update, so im not really all that sure…

Then just download things manually. Lot faster, to snag it from .org.

That wont work…For servers like sassilization

You don’t have a pirated copy of the game, do you?