Gmod wont even do anything!?

I have a great computer, thats not the problem. I have been playing Gmod for a couple years. I had SVN and everything. Game worked fine. All of the sudden, the game just wouldn’t play. So I reloaded it, a few time a few different ways (like deleting all files then reloading . Then I tried reloading steam!? here is what its doing exactly == I load game game (anyway to, i’ve tried them all) the staring loading small steam message box opens and says generic loading message, then it disappears and it seems the game is about to open. I see the window flash real quick, no picture and just as quick as it appears its gone??? and no processes open in the Start Task manager??? please help, I love GMOD, and miss playing…

Thank You

problem resolved, UPDATE YOUR DRIVERS

i did give myself a facepunch!