Gmod wont go online

ok so ive been playing gmod and was able to join servers but just last month i tried to join a server and i got timed out…every server i try to join i eather time out…crash or my computer freezes and sometimes restarts itself. does anyone else have this problem and or knows how to fix this or even whats causing it?

please help.

Re-join the server after you time out. I time out almost all times i join. Just re-join to play.

i alway attempt to rejoin i even tried 5 times for each server that i tried and it still times out or crashes

addons maybe, router problems, missing drivers?

This could be caused by having too many addons.
If you have more than 20, list all the addons you have, or post a screenshot. Then I can tell you which ones are unecessary.

i just counted them i have 192 addons…so im guessing i should get rid of some?

Yes, you should certainly get rid of some. Better yet, just do a clean Gmod installation.

Holy shit.
Delete your entire Gmod folder, and launch it. This will make steam reinstall Gmod for you. You will have to re-bind any custom binds and probably have to fix your graphics settings again, though.

These are the must-haves.

  • PHX (SVN)
  • Wiremod (SVN)
  • Smartsnap (

SVN Tutorial:

ok thanks and also every time i try to get wire svn it says “can’t connect to host ‘’: no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.” …i used svn://
are there any links that actually work? also ill post if deleating the gmod folder works

The wiremod link changed, it’s now

ok thanks and reinstalling gmod worked! gmod even loads and runs way faster thanks for the help