GMOD won't open at all

Hello, I have a problem with Garry’s Mod where when I double click the icon it won’t open, I tried to open it through steam and that still didn’t do anything to open it, will I need to possibly reinstall Garry’s Mod or just simply wait? This started about an hour ago (An hour before posting this) and I’ve had Garry’s Mod for a year or 2 and this has never happened before. Please help as Garry’s Mod is my favourite game.

Help please, I tried to uninstall it then reinstall it but that didn’t work, it just won’t open.

Right click on Gmod (in libaries) > goto local files > verify

Done that, didn’t work. My brother has family sharing and he actually bought gmod on his account, so I switched to his account and validated them then switched to my account, didn’t work.

Yeah, that’s the problem. I got Gmod on a other account and used sharing. Garrys mod didn’t start up at all. Then i payed the game and it all worked fine. But… make sure to disable family sharing when buying the game / playing otherwise it still does not work. P.s Gmod is cheaper on other sites if you don’t want to spend to much

How do you turn off family sharing?

Should be in options in right top corner…
Steam > Options