Gmod wont run on my system?

I have recently got linux (Ubuntu) and steam working together, but gmod refuses to run. I can click on it and it will come up with the black box saying it´s launching but then that will disappear and nothing will happen after that. I know gmod can be run on linux because I´ve seen it done on youtube.
Any help would be appreciated greatly.

Afaik there are some windows libraries that GMod requires that linux doesn’t have.

Any way to solve this?

Install Windows, only solution.

:frowning: luckily I have windows in another partition of my drive

Or wait for Garry to update Linux GMod, but afaik he hasn’t done that in quite a while

so there is a Linux version of gmod? where can I get this?

There were some Linux binaries but I have no idea how to get them or whether they even work properly


The Linux binaries are buggy and it’s not something Garry can fix all that much. Valve needs to update them.