Gmod wont start, crashes after now launching

this has been going on for a long while now, whenever i start gmod it comes up with the “now launching menu” and my avatar turns green, it sits there on my desktop, then my avatar turns blue again and the game never starts, as if it silently crashed. there is no lag, no sounds, no screen flashing or anything. it just stops.

i used to have this problem with a few other games such as killing floor and CS:GO but those seemed to have fixed themselves through an update.

the only reason i am just now asking for help is because i found a temporary fix. for some reason when i share screens with someone on skype, the game starts like normal and everything is fine. but when i exit the game i have to share screens again if i want to start it up again. this is fine but sometimes none of my friends are online or i just dont want to talk to anyone just so i can play gmod.
i have emailed steam support about this and they told me to delete all files in my steam folder except steamapps, userdata, and the .exe file. i did this and restarted my PC and it still didnt work.

does anyone else have this problem? does anyone know how to fix it or if it will be fixed and a new update?

Tried verifying the game?

Same thing is happening to me. I also tried verifying the game as well; Nothing worked. Can someone please try to help us fix this?