Gmod won't start up anymore.

A few hours ago, Gmod was working. Until I exit out, I went back in and it opened up the thing that said “Preparing to launch Garrysmod” and the window opened for half a second then closed. And goes back to normal, task manager says nothing is started up. My other games work fine as well and start up fully.

Reinstall gmod or else steam if tht does not work then…Get some money and buy new computer or sum thing like tht

No need, just either, Clean gmod, or if that doesn’t work delete ClientReigistry.blob.

i know, i had same prob, dont uninstall, unless this fails. Go to: (in steam )

My games
(right Click GMOD)
press: Set launch options
(C+P this in the BLANK space) -autoconfig

i had the same prob dude, this fixed it