GMOD wont start up?

Ok so today i called my friend and asked if he wanted to play gmod… so i go to start it up and it starts to load but then stops… for acouple secconds it says im in game but then it tells me im not anymore… any suggestions


What? It tells you are in-game but then it tells you “not anymore”? What the fuck?

He is pretty much saying he starts gmod up, crashes, then a few seconds or so his name and picture border is highleted light green then goes back to light blue as in he is some how ingame for a few then not ingame… :stuck_out_tongue: May be because your computer might not meet its requirements.

Try reinstalling and installing it again.
(Make sure to remove GMod folder after uninstalling)
If not, make sure you install with Admin rights.

Copy your addons and place it somewhere else. delete the addons folder from gmod. Maybe one of them is causing this trouble.
After that verify the game cache.
And do you have an original or pirated version?

i have original bought off steam… it just started this like a wek ago or soo… i dont think its my system req… hmmm

ok so nvm it randomly decided to work today… it was kinda weird… but whatever thanks to everyone that posted some suggestions:smile: