GMod won't start

When I start Gmod everything works fine, but when the blue loadbar is at the end: ‘initializing serversides’
The screen turns black and my cursor jumps to the middle of the screen! And then gmod doesn’t respond anymore! Plz I need help 'cuz i wanna play Gmod so badly!!

PLZ SAVE MY LIFE (0.0<<<<)

okay here are my specs:

Windows Vista Home Basic
service pack 2 (sp2)

ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
ASUS Notebook X71A Series
processor: Intel® Pentium® Dual CPU T3400 @ 2.16GHz 2.17 GHz
RAM: 3,00 GB
Type computer: 32-bits controlsystem
Mobile Intel® 4 series express chipset family
It is a laptop, not a computer!!!

I don’t know if I speld everything right cuz I come from holland and if you need more information I will try to find and thank you btw :smiley:

Here is a video about my problem:

plz help!!!

This is your third thread on this. Making more will not help you.

Get some GeForce Chips.

What are those and can they help me too play gmod?

It may just be your graphics card, get a GeForce or something.


Or stop using a laptop and get a Desktop.

garrys mod on laptop = fail


facepalm Ughhhhh stop bugging us. We tried to help, but you posting more threads wont get you anywhere, and in the last thread, we had a conclusion that your laptop is unable to play it.