GMOD wont start!!

My Gmod wont start like when i try to start it it goes to box preparing to launch garry’s mod like normal but then the window goes away and the gmod app opens then closes in a split second i really need help plz try to help me!!

Oh hey look at that sticky

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Try to re-install Steam, but backup all your GCF’s

same i have the same problem found a fix ?

i found out it was one of my addons that wasn’t in the addon directory(not in addon format), i just created a backup oof the ‘garrysmod’ folder and deleted the garrysmod folder. when i started gmod from steam, steam automatically put back a fresh version of the garrysmod folder, there i put in my addons that were only in addon format. done.

I had this problem.
Are you running it in windowed?

If so just right click gmod in steam, go to properties then launch options and type -fullscreen

im running it windowed, it works just fine…

So was I, for several months, then it did this.

anyways, Ewen said in a different post that it didn’t fix the problem.