Gmod won't start

Hi just downloaded Gmod 10 from steam fully installed and when I try to load it crashes saying HL2 has stopped working (standard microsoft stopped working bar)

Graphics card is an intel G41 chipset with 4gb ram running windows vista- its a new computer

I might be wrong… but maybe your graphics card can’t handle the game?

Seems prefectly capable of all the orange box games - tf2 portal hl2 seem to work fine

Okey, you could try making a shortcut on the desktop for Garry’s Mod and the right click on it, go to the compatibility tab and choose to run it in compatibility mode for Windows XP (service pack 3) or Windows Server 2008 etc.
Also try to run it as an administrator.

Another thing you can try: Right click Garry’s Mod > properties > Set launch options and write -windows mode.

No effect :frowning: to describe what happens - it loads up normally with the loading screen (guy with a phys gun with birds in background) and then just crashes to desktop with standard microsoft not working box

Would reinstalling gmod help?

My brother had a similar problem and I added -xres X -yres X in the launch options, where X is his resolution. Or you could try with -xres 800 -yres 600 for example.


You could always try, but i doubt it.

Nope didn’t work with 1440x900 (19inch widescreen) :frowning:


re installing now


Reinstalled and still isn’t working… noticed tho that when i dl/install it goes immediately to 93% then acts normal from there - that usual?


Still no change after restarting comp




She lives

+mat_bumpmap 0 +mat_picmip 2 -dxlevel 80