gmod wont start

when i go to start my garrysmod up it doesnt do anything before i did this i tryed to make it start as a window by useing the commant -window and that is wear it has all started and iv tryed everything such as reinstalling my steam and reinstalling my gmod nothing seems to work any ideas anyone

PC Specs?

Does it produce an error message of any sort?

no it doesnt have any error it trys to start but cant and iv got

intel core 2 2.13GH.Z
ram 3.5 GB ram
page file 1077mb used 2940mb not used
graphics card nvidea 8800 GTX 750GB


I’m more impressed by:

Anyways, try -dxlevel 8 or something like that in the start options, although that shouldn’t be necessary.

ok il try that and the 8800 seriuos is shit man iv had more problems with it than with my old computer


That amount of MB isn’t real… Believe me.
If you have a PC that can run with 3.5 MB RAM, then is your PC not compatible with a GTX card. And that 750 GB doesn’t exist at all…
So… Beat that and upload ur REAL stats by making a scan of ur PC with Everest Home

Or just, you know, run DXdiag

Could be possible too.
I prefer Eversst

A. the card does exist and do have it because i ran DXdiag then went to display and it says
name: NVDIA Geforce 8800 GTX
Manufacture: NVDIA
chip Type: NVDIA Geforce 8800 GTX
DAC Type: intergrated RAMDAC mermory: 768.0 MB
Currant Display Mode: 1152 x 864 (32bit) (60Hz)
Monitor: plug and play

and i have windows 32bit so it dosnt see 4Gb of ram


and i mean 3.5Gb of ram was a mistake to put mb was tierd when i made this thread mermory: 768.0 MB
Its not 750 GB… MB. can u read?

yes i can read i just round to the nearst 50

OMg, that’s not my point.
My point is. Why the hell do you don’t see the difference between MB and GB?

Btw, where does your name come from?


I know a Dutch program (I’m Dutch) that’s called Anubis. SO u could be Dutch too.

no im english and i know of a game called anubis but iv never plaed it and i saw it on stargate and it sounded cool.

anubis is the name of an egyptian god… btw

I know.

he had the head of a jakel and was god of the afterlife… he was also heavily ascosiated with mummification… just some trivia for the day