Gmod wont start

Okay i tried to get on gmod today and it started up and was loading when suddenly it stopped and said couldn’t loadmodule menusystem. i’ve never seen this before and i have no idea how t fix it.

Backup ur addons folder, then delete garrysmod folder, start gmod , close gmod, put addons folder back.

Well which garrysmod folder and if i delete either one wouldn’t i only be left with the addons folder?

Yeah I’m getting the same thing.

i renistalled my 5 times completely and still receiving the same error

Yep. Same problem here, none of my Steam games work. HL2, HL2: Lost Coast, or GMOD. All of these errors. For me, it happened when my friend put like 50 balloons on a pod, set the weight to 1 pound, then jumped in. It crashed the game, and now all of them are giving me this error. I’ve tried deleting the Garrysmod folder like steamedbuns said, and had no luck. I also deleted the locale files, fixed caches, everything, even re-installed, and no luck. I hope someone provides a fix soon, because if I tried to ask Steam it would just take 2-3 days…

Yeah. I’m pretty sure it’s that new update that garry put up last night.
But I’m unsure how to fix the problem and I’m sure there will be a fix some time this week.
But before it did the “Couldn’t LoadModule MenuSystem” thing, all my guns drop errors out the side of them.

i think it was the updates that were issued on the 29th ever since then it has been steadily getting worse till this but ive done everything OMFGYouFail said he did and no luck

That wouldn’t explain why HL2 and HL2: Lost Coast are having the same error…

I think i read something about him doing a engine update
Found here Engine Update

But i don’t know if that goes for HL2 tho.

Also, I had mentioned before the game was working this morning, and we played all last night. It’s when we launched the thing, it was set to 5,000 lbs, and the 50 balloons couldn’t move it, then we quickly set it to 1 lb and shot so fast it crashed the game, since then we’ve had this error.

Well then i don’t know.
But hopefully it gets fix’d by tonight.

I hope so too, because I just finally got this game a day or two ago… :stuck_out_tongue:


nothing happened to mine to cause it it just stopped working early this afternoon but it was working fine as i was playing the game all morning from like 12:00 to like 3:00 am but now it just wont start

Ya same with me it was working at 10:00 pm and when i tried at like 8:00 in the morning it wouldn’t work. i just hope there will be a fix.

Well has there been any news?

Nope i dont think garry knows anything of it maybe there needs to be more people having the problem for him to fix it.

I guess we’ll see what happens by next week.

This is madness, I bought the game, got to play for a day, and now it’s useless. HL2 doesn’t work, but it gives me a different error… something about server.dll or some shit. I hate Steam so much, It’s honestly the worst program I’ve ever had the misfortune of having to use. I wish these games would come out separately.