Gmod won't start

Hi. I just bought Gmod but I can’t start it.
When I click “Play” it show the “Preparing to lauch Garry’s Mod…” screen, and hl2.exe shows up in the Task Manager. The game itself won’t start though.
My CPU is a Core 2 Duo E4600 “Conroe” 2.40 2.40 GhZ, I have 1 GB of RAM and my graphics card is a GeForce 8500 GT.

Do you have any other source game installed? Like Half-Life 2 or Counter Strike: Source?

What you could try is, right click on Garrysmod in your games list, then go to properties, local files, and then click on “Checking integrity of game cache” or something alike that.

If any file is missing or broken this will fix it. If the problem occurs there’s very little that i can do, but this was how i fixed ArmA 2 when it wouldn’t start.

That didn’t work here.

I have portal too, and it works fine.

Try updating your drivers, maybe that’s causing the problem.

Wait so what happens when you start it up it just closes right away? Or just it show up with something that says hl2.exe has stopped responding?

No, I click ‘‘play’’ button, and appear:

‘‘Starting Gmod’’

And that window close. But hl2.exe keep running.

Wait can you still see the window open?

Nope. It closes, and the game don’t start.

Verify integrety of cache…
Try reinstalling…

Don`t worked :confused:

This is similar to my problem:

There’s no solution! :frowning: