Gmod Wont startup no error

I have spent hours looking through forum posts none helping me. Every time i try to start gmod it says “preparing to launch gmod” that closes then… nothing. I have deleted everything and reinstalled! I have tried deleting the .blob file but nothing. Help would be MUUCCHH appreciated!

Thanks in advance!:zoid:

System specs?

Inte;® core™2 CPU 6700 @ 2.66 GHz
4Gb RAM w/ Direct X 11
Windows 7

What’s your video card?

NVIDA GeForce 7600 GT

Try to validate the files.

Little efty on that video card, try -dxlevel 81

nothing :frowning:

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it says everything is good when i validate garrys mod. Oh and Counterstrike source and TF2 also wont start. But my other games like mount and blade work fine!

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I just reset my computer and Gmod still wont work. Help Please!

Looks like your computer dont wanna work with the Source Engine…
Anyways, you have to try various things. First of all, make sure Steam and CSS, TF2 and GMod are allowed in your Windows Firewall. Also try running GMod in Windowed mode (Right click GMod, click properties, click “set launch options”, write “-window” and press OK).

They were already enable from a previous attempt! Windowed mode wont work either. the weird thing is i used to be able to run gmod but now nothing.

*bump anything else I can do I hate being on garryys mod withdrawal


So this forum wont lend me any aid?
UPDATE: i messaged valve and i have gone back and forth with a few common sensethings and no luck! which really sucks but oh well! i will be ever grateful for any solutions!