gmod won't stop crashing!

hey, i was playing gmod fine for about a year, then after that year it started freezing, during those freezes, i couldnt do anything(obviously), and the same half-second loop of sound kept playing. after a minute or two, it would unfreeze, then i could play as normal.this happened every 5 minutes or so.

but that’s not the problem anymore! now sometimes, as soon as i join a server or sometimes when it freezes, gmod crashes and i get this Xfire exception thingy:

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“utf-8” ?>

<ExceptionReport Version=“4”>
<Application Build=“24715” Command="“f:\steam\steamapps\littleboyred1\garrysmod\hl2.exe” -game garrysmod -steam "/>
<OperatingSystem Type=“2”><Version Major=“5” Minor=“1” Build=“2600”/></OperatingSystem>
<Exception Code=“C0000005” Address=“11DEC04D”><Module Section=“0001” Offset=“0027B04D” FileName=“f:\steam\steamapps\littleboyred1\garrysmod\garrysmod\bin\client.dll”/></Exception>
<Registers EAX=“00000000” EBX=“00000000” ECX=“08F2CE60” EDX=“04BBE460” ESI=“08F2CE60” EDI=“0EBA0454” CS=“001B” EIP=“11DEC04D” SS=“0023” ESP=“0012FC50” EBP=“08F2CE64” DS=“0023” ES=“0023” FS=“003B” GS=“0000” Flags=“00210202”/>

could someone please tell me how to fix this? the crashing is my main problem right now.

i forgot to mention, the freezing happened in all the source games i play, but only the source games. i dunno if it will now crash with those games, since i havent played anything other than gmod in a while.


oh, silly me, i forgot to post them.

umm… how can i check my specs? i never cared for specs in my life, so…

Well there’s your problem, try uninstalling XFire then play.

Or disabling xfire ingame for gmod.

ok, how do i disable Xfire?

thx for the suggestions, guys.