gmod works strange on my laptop

hey, when i try to play gmod on my laptop, it works but sometimes the q menu doesnt come up and at the main menu when i click a box and close it, it leaves a black mark.

my specs are

2gb ddr2 ram
intel core 2 duo 1.5 ghz
i cant really remeber the graphics card, i think it was some shitty intel one.
directx 10.

would the best thing be try to reinstall it ??


ohh forgot to say windows vista 32-bit

Try turning off then on.

Probably your graphics card, garry’s mod doesn’t work well with integreated graphics.

Integrated graphics, there’s your problem.

okay thanks for the help guys, if a mod would kindly close this thread. ill just have to wait till i get home

i had this problem - you may have to change your dxlevel (put “-dxlevel 80” in the command line in the properties when you right click gmod in steam) mine is set to 82