GMod YouTube Player not showing videos

I have the youtube player on my server but the screen stays black and no sound comes when i put the video url in. Other people can hear and see it. Any idea how to fix it?

Do you have PHX3?

Do you realize this isn’t the right forum?

I didn’t post this in the garrysmod help and support? Sorry I meant to can someone move it? and yes I do have PHX3. I can see the TV but when i load the video the screen stays black.

Be sure to put The “Youtube Player” true in you gmod folder. i don’t have it, but if you open the folder to you see a “Info” Put it in addons. Remeber to go 1 back.

Do you have flash?

the folder in my addons is called youtube player and in it is lua material and info and yes I do have flash.

it does not work on servers… according to it not working on my server aswell

I cant even see it in singleplayer and other people on the server can see.

I can use it in Singleplayer but for some reason, on my friend’s server, it won’t work. The screen is black with some of the skybox at the top. I remember seeing people watch a movie using it, don’t know why it won’t work.

mine just displays a black screen with the cheakers at the top in a line and when i go to use it changes to white and dose nothing

Install Adobe Flash on IE, then try.

Joey|10 is a genius it worked when i installed Adobe flash on IE thx man.

ugh… i’m having a similar problem, my screen is black with a white stripe at the top.
the audio plays as if nothings wrong but the video doesn’t and i get this message

entities/youtube_player/cl_init.lua:52: attempt to call method ‘StartAnimate’ (a nil value)

i neeeeedddzzz help XD

Emoscene, you should get the Adobe Flash And put it on IE Did you read any of there replies?
P.s if you didnt read them then do it now

Skyhigh456, you shouldn’t bump old threads Did you read any of there post dates?
P.s if you didnt read them the next time.

whats IE

Youtube Player was broken 4 updates ago…

PlayX is your answer…

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A shit thing that you use, by a fat man who isn’t married and is the 2nd richest man alive… And owns a company called Microsoft who makes your operating system (Windows 7) and retails it in the UAE (Where, you live.)