gmod zombie fort


You should be happy no-one commented on this, also:

now thats one artistic video, deep meaning,
pro tip: turn up your graphics!

did the contractor who built that fort have downs syndrome? i don’t think those walls are up to code

The use of easy precision is very obvious, well done, very straight and neat, is this avaiable for download?

Sarcasm ftw XD

i will possibly upload it to toybox. thanks for watching mate!

Can you do that for me? I lack building skills and this is far superior than what I can build. Thanks dude.

yea. no problem man. i will most likely post it up tommorow. hmmm do you have an idea of a name?

that’s actually quite cool, but be prepared for dumb spam anyway

whatta u mean?

I made this especially

So is your username intentional, or…

your fort looks like shit, consider this has been done a thousandth times by people. And I seen much better ones.

it intentional

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i wanted it to not look profesional, because then it wouldent be a hillybilly fort. and you cant build an amazingfort against zombies fast.

But where would survivors get all those doors? If they even got those, then how would they put it together?

also lol @ “hillybilly”

why do the ones with the pointless videos always have the shittiest graphics?

You obviously didn’t care enough about this submission because of the fact that you didn’t use the engine to render the video so it looks even more like shit.