Almost 3 years ago, I discovered this pretty amazing sandbox game. It was awesome. The first time I play online as well.
Everyday I would be left speechless over the possibilities and things I have seen. It was incomparably epic to anything. The community of the intelligent overseeing older players who would create these…things. Unexplainable things, down to the annoying as fuck 12 year olds who I look back on now and found that I actually loved them most of all. I found war of the servers 2 months afterwards and holy shit did it just nail down that this was transformed from a pretty nice game to a whole other universe.

I haven’t played Gmod in nearly 4 months. I honestly did not think I would ever get bored. Every freaking day I would find a new game mode, different people, people who unlike most faggots in my school sort of thought like me. Gmod helped me get amazing grades with projects I did for school. It changed my whole view on stuff, I now see anything but walls as possible stuff to stick together and fling at people. Mechanics amaze me now, and I learned how to program and do various other things I would have never done.

I don’t know how much I will play gmod anymore and I don’t know why, maybe because I’m in grade 12 and school demands me like a hoe. I also went back to building tons of stuff in RL now. But it sucks. No spazzing, no infinite thrusters, no re spawn. Also they jail you if you so much as cause a player to loose 10 health.

I will now go on a server with epic music and pay tribute to this fucking amazing concept. Thank you guys for making my fling with Gmod probably the best time of my life, you guys, the community is the thing that I will miss the most. Seriously guys, thank you for being so awesome and maybe I will find myself in that universe once more before I forget what it is to be a Gmodder.

Well if you need help to find a good server, you could always join my sandbox:

Im there, and i have friendly admins to help me out(: