GMOD10 Self Made Server Issues! PLZ HALP!

Okay so I’ve been trying to set up my own server for friends to play on. I’ve read several guides, set my ports correctly, static IP and all. Apparently I’m still missing something though. Now I haven’t downloaded the hlds tool because I assume thats for dedicated servers only. Is it still required for me hosting my own server? Is there something I am missing? Any hints or help would be greatly appreciated!

I’m sorry, but you’ve posted your thread in the wrong forum, and I suggest that the next time you read the stickies before posting. [sp]Not trying to backseat mod, I’m hoping that by telling people of their errors, others will read and follow. Hopefully :/[/sp]

The hldsupdatetool is only if you intend on hosting a dedicated server or a server outside of your game. For example, if I wanted to host a friend server without Garry’s Mod open, I’d need the hldsupdatetool, if not, I can simply hit create server and be done with it. What exactly is your problem? Not responding? Be more specific.