Gmod13 DArk-RP problem Error icon on' F4'

Hello guys I recently was going to create a dark rp server.
I got it created and what not have got some custom jobs added, even got it where they download the addons via workshop.
I added a custom job, along with a custom player model. My buddy seen a error at first I fixed that with force download via workshop.
After that was taken care of he could see the player model fine! But as far as the player model icon located in the “F4” menu was still a error. If anybody can point me into the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!

edit: I see the player model icon perfectly but he doesn’t i’m trying to figure out why,

bump. Can’t seem to figure this out been messing with it for days now and have just throwed it to the side any info would help thx!

Is the playermodel and error for him or just the icon?

It’s just the icon the player model works fine!

edit: I see the icon and the player model, he only see’s the player model and a big fat error for the icon.

It’s probably his cache. I know it’s annoying, but if he can see the playermodel fine, I don’t really see an issue.

Ahh thanks for your reply! And man if you don’t mind could you awnser me this question?

I was messing around with the shipments, and was trying to make a custom shipment yadda yadda
I did something and now nothing out of the F4 menu works. I didn’t modify any core files and i’m just puzzled even after a darkrp reinstall the problem still lingers. So I think it’s out of the darkrp gamemode. Any info on this would help if it will save me a whole server reinstall.

Thanks for the reply/help man!
Take care!

If it’s still not working after a reinstall, then something is still lingering. Did you totally delete your DarkRP and DarkRP Modification folders and reinstall?

Yes I deleted the gamemode along with the addon modification.

update: Solved the shipments and stuff :slight_smile: