Gmod13 is scaring me!

Right, forgive me because I’m so lost right now I don’t know what to do!

I’ve seen Gmod turn in to the big name it is today from v7! After letting the keyboard get dusty for a few years, I’m slowly getting back in to my gaming habits and thought it would be a good idea to resurrect Gmod on my machine. The last time I played GMOD was when it was GMOD 12 where things in my eyes where at their best. I’ve just had my first taster of 13…

Don’t get me wrong, it’s improved vastly in the sense that everything is shiny and the overall interface is so much better! Toybox has gone with the steam workshop taking it’s place, which inst so bad, it’s more or less the same thing and I can see why Garry supports the idea. But for somebody who is used to the “oldschool” way of browsing and downloading what I like, it’s far too different.

Now i’m not going to start ranting! After browsing google, enough people have done that for me. I just need somebody to explain to me what is going on with regards to the following.

Stools missing - Nail, Turret, Colour, RT camera and a few others have gone missing, and if they are still there I have to clue how to access them. Where have they gone? If they have been removed…WHY?!

Script Errors - Before I had even loaded up a map I have an error constantly showing in the top left of the screen. I HAVE DONE NOTHING! So why are errors coming up?

9/10 Workshop items don’t work, if they do, they don’t work properly! - Even if I have the requirements! I understand Some stuff requires additional content, but I thought that was the whole point of the workshop…so you can download it? When I do download stuff like sweps for example I either get errors/nothing works or I get the models but no sound. It’s extremely frustrating having all of this cool stuff I can access, but cant use in game as barley any of it works! is there a reason behind this?

CSS Sweps missing - They were there the last time I played…what caused them to disappear?

**I don’t want dupes…I want custom models and entities **- without spending hours browsing through the crap that’s on workshop, is there I place I can go to download everything normally like the good old days? Because I cannot see anything on workshop that clearly relates to this.

Compatability issues - Somewhere on a hard drive I have a fairly large GMOD backup from 12 witch has LOTS of content. Am I right in saying that 95% of this isn’t going to work with GMOD 13? Judging by the amount of winging with regards to compatibility and considering some of it is from GMOD 10 days, would I be wasting my time going through it all?

Game Content not working - Some stuff like l4d for example, I can spawn infected but I can’t spawn any hero’s. The content has the tick on the box on gmod and the game is installed and up to date so why is it not working?

**“Delete the GMOD folder if things are not working” ** - This neat trick still work? or am i going to have to sit and wait for GMOD to download AGAIN with my close enough to dial up connection.

I’ve brought up these points after about an hour of game play that I had to put to an end as I was getting so frustrated! I don’t want to find anymore annoyances!

If somebody could please give me a low down to whats going on with the above, I’ve really missed GMOD, but I’m refusing to play it again until I get my head around whats changed…

Can you send me a zip of your backup or something
It might have a lot of toybox lua, which I need since Garry is so :downs:

To be honest though, a lot of things you’re complaining about are nonissues. For example, CSS SWEPS have been fixed and uploaded to workshop by a friend of mine.
Nothing is wrong with workshop so far as I can see, you’re having some weird ass issues. Heck, everything works perfectly on the Dell Venue I’m posting this with.
That’s a fucking tablet.

  1. There are workshop addons that contain these now.
  2. What are the errors?
  3. That’s the addon creator’s fault. Workshop downloads one .gma file with all the content.
  4. Refer to #1.
  5. What?
  6. Most of it has been converted. Either search for it or convert it yourself.
  7. Verify L4D. L4D and L4D2 models are not supported anyways; the only reason you can spawn them is because of an engine hack.
  8. Yes, but you also have to turn off Steam Cloud sync for GMod or else the files you were trying to delete will reinstall.

Well, you can filter directly to models only and you can filter based on your needs for other categories

not really the workshop or the update’s fault you weren’t able to see those.

its currently gmod 14…