Gmod4ever Lua Dump

Not exactly sure where this goes, since it’s technically not an official release, but it is a release of unfinished crap. There’s a lot of gamemodes, but there are some not-gamemode stuff in here, too. I decided I’ll just put it here.

To put it simple, I haven’t fired up Garry’s Mod ever since my ZS clan died (ChillZone, then Collossal Corps Gaming), which was about six months ago. These gamemodes have just been gathering dust.

No support for these. They may or may not work as is, I know for a fact a few of them don’t have proper models. I’ll try and get the models in a seperate pack if anyone gives a rat’s ass, etc etc. Do what you want with these, I don’t give a crap; just give credit where credit is due.

I’ll also upload all the HUD elements for the various games shortly, until then just make do with what you got.

Download (FileFront)

Here’s a quick shakedown of everything as far as I remember:

in luadump/gamemodes/:
[li]Achievements - Half-Life 2 Achievements Mod - I got tired of VALVe never adding achievements to the original HL2 for the PC, so I started doing it myself. No idea what level I got up to; I think I got up to the helicopter fight in the Canals, since the airboat gun doesn’t seem to do damage to it in gmod.
[/li][li]alien - Alien Invasion 2.0 - A remake of a simplistic gamemode I made a long time ago, only way too complicated. Turned it into an RTS/FPS (Aliens are RTS, humans are FPS). No idea how much of the RTS is done, all I know is it did work to some extent.
[/li][li]changeling - Ignore this. Forgot to remove it in the upload. It’s Night-Eagle’s.
[/li][li]Deathrace - Deathrace - Adapted from the abandonware “Wipeout” gamemode, buy guns and shit and kill shit and shit. Requires a ton of VGUI elements, so it’s not terribly pretty at the moment.
[/li][li]dystopic - I don’t even know.
[/li][li]exterminatus - Exterminatus - Was going to a be Dystopia-esque two-team game with randomly levelling weapons and per-round levelling players. I got the levelling done; that’s it. Still, it’s pretty interesting how I got the weapon levelling to work. Worth checking out, in my opinion.
[/li][li]frontier - Final Frontier - Top-down zombie shooter with a freaking huge inventory selection with funny descriptions and a basic random-mission generating system. Personally I would like to see someone pick this up and take it somewhere.
[/li][li]GHunt - Ignore this too. Forgot to delete it in the upload.
[/li][li]GMStranded - Again, ignore it. I really need to redo this upload.
[/li][li]Headcrab - Headcrab Infestation 2009 - No idea how much is done. I don’t think I even started it.
[/li][li]Laser - Laser Arcade - I think this is the fixed-up version. Maybe not. I don’t know. I don’t care.
[/li][li]murder - Murder - A remake of the old Murder that was exclusive to our server. I can’t remember why I never finished; it only has like one bug left, to do with starting the round timers. I may have even fixed it and forgot about it. At any rate, it works, almost fully. Only supports cs_italy if I remember.
[/li][li]mutation - Mutation - Yet another remake of my old Mutation gamemode. This one never got far, though.
[/li][li]zompoc - Zompocalypse - A project I took on that’s too intensive for the Source engine. Far too much networking. Think STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, online, with hordes of zombies. Requires lots of models, which I’ll upload sometime.

in luadump/lua/:
[li]weathermod - Weather Mod - As you might guess from the name, a weather mod, utilizing trace matrices to more accurately determine whether you’re inside or not than a trace straight up. :v:
[/li][li]effects - Weather Mod FX - Has the effects for weathermod.
[/li][li]autorun - Autorun (uChoose) - Has my uChoose system, which operates much the same as Fretta’s “what gamemode do we play next you dumbfucks?” except it’s not Fretta, doesn’t require Fretta (or anything but the autorun for that matter), and players can call it pretty much any time they want to via vote. Designed for a self-sustained multi-gamemode server.
[/li][li]cl_dark.lua - Are You Afraid of the Dark? - Just a fuck-around script I made that will play scary sounds if you’re in the dark long enough.
[/li][li]cl_poly,lua - Polygon Drawer - Using math that a friend gave me, draws basic shapes on your screen depending on how many points you give it. Might be a nice mathematical reference.
[/li][li]cl_boneassist.lua - Bone Assistance - Draws lines linking together a model’s bones. Can be used for a pretty accurate aimbot or something else.

I’ll upload models, materials, data, and sounds soon. If anyone even cares about this.

Enjoy. Or not. Whatever.

Wow All of this sounds Amazing.
One thing though.
what does this part mean exactly.
"utilizing trace matrices to more accurately determine whether you’re inside or not than a trace straight up. "

Most other weather mods do a single trace going up to say “you’re inside” or “you’re outside”

I do traces in all directions with masks, and then from those traces do traces up, to determine more complex geometry, like being under an awning (which means you’re outside) or if you’re behind a fence or something.

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Thanks !

Looks like interesting for a “crap” if you ask me.

Had a more abrupt (Might I say, silent) end than KillaZS, to be quite honest. I’ve only ever seen one of those listed members in GMod. Ever.