Gmod9 problem **please help**

I just got gmod 9 and whenever i want to undo something, it doesnt work!? Some people refer to this as the undo bug. I have tried changeing its button, and it didnt work. ( I have no add-ons)

buy gmod 10

buy gmod10 as gmod 9 is no longer supported

i have it but i want help for this game, is this a common problem?


i mean was it never fixed

Buy Garry’s Mod 10.

Problem solved

No one plays Gary’s Mod 9 anymore, only poor people and people with nostalgia. Either way, you better get Garry’s Mod 10. If you do that then you get support and you won’t have a lot of problems.

every one who is saying “buy gmod 10” really needs to think before they post it.

stop fucking posting “buy gmod 10”

the problem is that gmod 9 is no longer supported or updated, you aren’t going to get any help with it and usage is not recommended.

From the wiki:


looking at his steam profile (linked under his name)
he obviously fucking has gmod 10

it isn’t that complicated to understand a person might want to play older versions to truly see how much gmod has evolved for the better

yeah maybe i’ll go over to england and see how much glorious america has evolved for the better

good call

this post is completely unrelated to the topic of the thread and missed my point by a mile

you should be ashamed of this horrible post

Then why is it so complicated for this person to understand that GMod 9 is no longer supported?

It’s no longer officially supported… he was asking for community support.

But even that is pretty much gone since all the GM9 threads are either archived or removed.

OK I do have Gmod 10 and all tjis info was helpful thanks everyone!

i play gmod 9 all the time on servers (you can pm how) and i own gmod 10 but i cant play it for like 5 mins for getting a blue screen of death and im not going out to buy a driver for my comp.

I loved Gmod 9 a lot though.

Graphics drivers are free you nonce

Use Google

It’s nice to have someone like you in our country Corky, you say it how it is, well, so do most Englishmen, but still, you’re awesome

:google: is your friend.