Gmod9 Relived. A Sandbox Extension

This is a sandbox extension that will make garrysmod10 have some of the features and feelings that gmod9 had, such as a crossbow toolgun or hl2dm death effects.

Features include:

Headshots disabled
Car battery dynamite that doesn’t remove.
Crossbow toolgun with gmod9 effect.
Increased damage physics (Damaging stuff flings it further)
Name changing
Physgun gmod9 skin.
Ragdoll on death.
Sometimes you scream on death.
No beeping on death, but a short beep on health low.
Weapon drop on death, but weapon disappear after 7 seconds if not picked up.
Gmod9 Style death notice
Npcs are tougher.
Slightly Decreased player speed.
Hl2 Fall damage.


Instructions: Put in garrysmod/gamemodes and enter the console command sv_defaultgamemode Gmod9


Put your suggestions and bugs below! Thanks.

Need the old construct and it will be perfect.

I think I love you.

Where is the watermark?!


Sounds pretty cool.

Hah, sorry I didn’t really miss it. If you’re being serious I’ll consider adding it.

I miss the watermark! :smiley:

Don’t buff my pylon.

We want our watermark back.

I just testing it in gmod10. It’s really fucking annoying so I’m not doing it. Seriously, it burns my eyes.

Gmod10 is a lot brighter than gmod9 which makes a darkish grey something in the top right stick out a lot worse.

Noone is hosting it… :frowning:

I do! On my private server…

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I edited it to use the toolbow model by NeoDement.

So you just implemented the toolbow on your server? Because this already has that if not.

Can you drive it?



Nostalgia all over the place :buddy:

Nice info.txt

    "name"  "DarkRP"
    "version"   "2.4.1"

    "author_name"   "LightRP: Rick darkalonio, DarkRP: Rickster, Pcwizdan, Sibre, philxyz, [GNC] Matt, Chrome Bolt, FPtje Falco, Eusion"
    "author_email"  ""
    "author_url"    ""

    "icon"  ""
    "info"  ""
    "hide"  "0"

		"1"		"^rp_"

Seems legit.