gmod_game: Added HL1 NPCs

Revision 852
Added HL1 NPCs Changed Files:
[li]trunk/bin/MenuSystem.dll [/li][li]trunk/bin/SceneCacheProxy.dll [/li][li]trunk/bin/client.dll [/li][li]trunk/bin/game_shader_generic_garrysmod.dll [/li][li]trunk/bin/lua_shared.dll [/li][li]trunk/bin/server.dll [/li][li]trunk/bin/toybox.dll [/li][li]trunk/gamemodes/sandbox/gamemode/commands.lua[/li][/ul]
Added Files:
[li]trunk/materials/VGUI/entities/monster_babycrab.vmt [/li][li]trunk/materials/VGUI/entities/monster_babycrab.vtf [/li][li]trunk/materials/VGUI/entities/monster_bigmomma.vmt [/li][li]trunk/materials/VGUI/entities/monster_bigmomma.vtf [/li][li]trunk/materials/VGUI/entities/monster_bullchicken.vmt [/li][li]trunk/materials/VGUI/entities/monster_bullchicken.vtf [/li][li]trunk/materials/VGUI/entities/monster_cockroach.vmt [/li][li]trunk/materials/VGUI/entities/monster_cockroach.vtf [/li][li]trunk/materials/VGUI/entities/monster_gargantua.vmt [/li][li]trunk/materials/VGUI/entities/monster_gargantua.vtf [/li][li]trunk/materials/VGUI/entities/monster_houndeye.vmt [/li][li]trunk/materials/VGUI/entities/monster_houndeye.vtf [/li][li]trunk/materials/VGUI/entities/monster_human_assassin.vmt [/li][li]trunk/materials/VGUI/entities/monster_human_assassin.vtf [/li][li]trunk/materials/VGUI/entities/monster_human_grunt.vmt [/li][li]trunk/materials/VGUI/entities/monster_human_grunt.vtf [/li][li]trunk/materials/VGUI/entities/monster_scientist.vmt [/li][li]trunk/materials/VGUI/entities/monster_scientist.vtf [/li][li]trunk/materials/VGUI/entities/monster_snark.vmt [/li][li]trunk/materials/VGUI/entities/monster_snark.vtf [/li][li]trunk/materials/VGUI/entities/monster_zombie.vmt [/li][li]trunk/materials/VGUI/entities/monster_zombie.vtf[/li][/ul]

Committed By Garry Newman


Where’s Barney?

The pub, buying you those beers he owes you.

Most default npcs don’t seem to interact with the HL1 ones - grunts and HL2 zombies are neutral, for instance. This seems like it was merely left out, though.

Big Momma splatters are black squares for me.
Killing the big momma crashed me both times.

Grunts and assassins seem to be trying to kill themselves - they are very grenade happy and tend to blow themselves up a lot ( although this is more of a general ai complaint, perhaps putting them in squads would help this problem, and making them fear their grenades would probably help as well )

Grunts are horribly inaccurate. I haven’t checked to see if their weapon proficiency actually does anything, though.

Snark explosions don’t seem to affect the player and snarks also were ignoring me.

I like new npcs, though - this is looking to be a great update so far. Just some things that could use some of their kinks worked out if possible.

Time to get working on half-life 1 campaign again

(holy SHIT)

[editline]15th February 2011[/editline]

Are you going to be adding any more?

[editline]15th February 2011[/editline]

(headcrab etc)

Yeah I’m gonna add more. The headcrab is fucked though, because it has the same model name as the HL2 one.

Silverlan’s going to be a bit annoyed. :v:
All that work and Garry just puts the originals in.

I can hex some of the models (headcrab, gman etc) if you need them

needs to be headcrab, gman and barney - that would be rad !

Well this is sounding awsome, ive been wanting hl1 npcs in gmod for some time.

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Oh soz for double post but here is your hexed models Garry :wink:


beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re probably aware of this, the gibs created are all skulls.

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And the snarks leave their models floating after they die.

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As do hornets (should they even be able to die?)

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Should I put this stuff on the bugtracker?

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I’ll put it on the bugtracker.