gmod_game: Fixed string.Explode ignoring empty matches.

Revision 844
Fixed string.Explode ignoring empty matches. Changed Files:

Committed By Alexander Overvoorde


I believe my server is still having issues with string.explode. Are you certain that it has been fully fixed, if so the community I am in will continue to look for a fix for the issue we are having?

I assume clients will also need to manually DL/Add this file themselves, I assume you see why this is undesirable for most servers. Will there be a quick/patch update over the next few days to fix an issues that may arise from this update?

This is an update to the SVN. This fix hasn’t been published yet.

I am aware of this…

Garry, this update have messed up almost everything, can I ask why you have to always make things harder for scripters by not providing proper change log and everything?

I seriously think that this is some sort of a bad joke from your side that you doing this.

Fix it immediately.

The changelog is updated fine. Check the wiki for details on functions etc.

First of all the changelog is what you are currently posting on. The changelog.txt lies also on the svn.

This problem was NOT created by Garry, but Overv. You can blame Garry for letting Overv commit stuff, Overv for not properly testing his improvements or the community for not testing the changes at all. What Garry DID is that he opened the changes for the public to test them. No one has committed to testing them, I wonder why. Maybe because there’s little if any benefit from doing so.

Attitude like yours also causes Garry to consider twice before he fixes problems people are having. Fine, you’re allowed to sue him for breaking your game, but let’s see if you get anywhere.

Your options are more or less limited to two: Either go test the changes before they come live and yell that something is broken or stop whining and let others take care of it.
Oh yeah, you can also keep on whining but I don’t see that as a viable option. It just causes a) you to get banned b) Garry getting pissed off c) nothing.