gmod_game: Made math.Min and math.Max aliases instead of new ..

Revision 781
Made math.Min and math.Max aliases instead of new functions
Improved performance of math.NormalizeAngle, string.Explode, string.ToTable, string.TrimLeft, string.TrimRight, string.GetExtensionFromFilename, string.GetPathFromFilename and string.GetFileFromFilename
Added table.KeyFromValue and table.KeysFromValue
Added short aliases for stencil constants (e.g. STENCIL_NEVER instead of STENCILCOMPARISONFUNCTION_NEVER)
Added string.Split( str, delimiter )
Fixed string.NiceSize not returning the correct size in gigabytes
Fixed string.TrimLeft and table.ForceInsert not working
Updated nosend.txt files Changed Files:
[li]trunk/cfg/bootstrap.txt [/li][li]trunk/cfg/nosend.txt [/li][li]trunk/changelog.txt [/li][li]trunk/lua/includes/extensions/math.lua [/li][li]trunk/lua/includes/extensions/render.lua [/li][li]trunk/lua/includes/extensions/string.lua [/li][li]trunk/lua/includes/extensions/table.lua[/li][/ul]

Committed By Alexander Overvoorde

Overv works on Garry’s Mod now?

I like this.

The Lua side, yes. But good to see changes!

It’s still the Lua everyone will be using and 90% of GMod is Lua code.