I have a gamemode that my friend runs on his server, and in singleplayer it works beautifully for him or myself. However, when we run it on a server we get this weird vertical jitter when we walk and it basically makes aiming or moving impossible. We get the same error in console (shown above) which we do not get in single player. Do you guys have any idea what normally causes this? My code is generating no errors in console.

Can you show us a video or something? That error has nothing to do with it, I think.

Sorry, had to wait for my friend to host a server because we literally cannot replicate this bug in singleplayer.

This is actually becoming incredibly frustrating, I have tried it on my own multiplayer server and the same bug persists, where whenever the player is moving they are (only on the client side) experiencing a sort of buggy hover effect. A player who is walking will spend maybe every second frame about 2 meters in the air for no reason at all, before jumping back to the ground by the next frame. While everyone experiences this bug, you cannot see another player “jittering” up and down, their movement seems fairly smooth. Has no one else experienced something similar? I have tried commenting out chunks of code to no avail. Noclipping/landing does nothing, and I have no idea what to do from here.

What content are you using in your ganemode?
Maybe the server doesnt mount it

Nothing but watermelons and a few HL2 props. I think I know what might be causing it though, I custom spawn in the players at info_target locations. Each one named in the format [team]“spawn”[number between 1 and 5] like redspawn3 or bluespawn5. The code for which is here:

function GM:PlayerSelectSpawn( ply )
	local team = team.GetName(ply:Team())
	local spawnpos = ents.FindByName(team .. "spawn" .. math.random(1,5))[1]
	return spawnpos

They spawn at those locations successfully, and singleplayer this glitch does not exist at all.


I have tried commenting out that bit and making the player spawn at the info_player_spawn. I have also alt-p’d the map and it returned no errors. This has been tried on two separate servers with all files mounted. Neither of these have helped.