gmod_src: [0000069] allow dynamic shadows up to 4096² inste..

Revision 783
[0000069] allow dynamic shadows up to 4096² instead of being limited by current framebuffer size
Not totally convinced that this breaks internal engine limits - but it’s allowed now. Changed Files:
[li]trunk/src_garrysmod/game/client/clientshadowmgr.cpp [/li][li]trunk/src_garrysmod/game/client/viewrender.cpp[/li][/ul]

Committed By Garry Newman

Just a quick note; I’ve already had the chance to toy with this in another mod, and you should edit the ConVar when Source is not rendering (that is, in the menu, while disconnected), or else there’s a big chance you’re gonna see your RAM overloaded very quickly, making your PC absolutely unresponsive and forcing a hard reboot (not kidding, I’m under Windows 7 x64)