gmod_src: 97 (or 98!) Depots

Revision 575
97 (or 98!) Depots Changed Files:
[li]trunk/deploy/ContentDescriptionDB.xml [/li][li]trunk/deploy/garrysmod.depot [/li][li]trunk/deploy/garrysmod.spj [/li][li]trunk/deploy/report.txt[/li][/ul]
Added Files:
[li]trunk/deploy/4001_98.blob [/li][li]trunk/deploy/4001_98.dat [/li][li]trunk/deploy/garrysmod/98_Manifest.txt[/li][/ul]

Committed By Garry Newman

Sent to Valve yet? ;3

Yep, and out.

Is gmod_game updated with v98?

Thanks for classifying lua errors:

[@lua/fishing_mod/catch/heavy.lua:178] bad argument #1 to 'AddAngleVelocity' (Vector expected, got Angle)
Python1320: !lua print(lastspew)
'[@lua/fishing_mod/catch/heavy.lua:178] bad argument #1 to AddAngleVelocity' (Vector expected, got Angle)' (**SPEW_WARNING**,no group,importance:0)


Could you tell Valve about the linux constraints bug? If not I’ll do it. I bet you’d have better contacts though.

This bug really kills the juice out of Linux build servers, since lots of people tend to use welds to be able to duplicate their houses and other stuff causing massive lag when the contraptions are touched.

Lua Error: [@gamemodes\zswinkilla\entities\weapons\weapon_zs_grenade\init.lua:54] bad argument #1 to 'AddAngleVelocity' (Vector expected, got Angle)

Isn’t the whole idea of this to take an Angle, not a Vector?

No, it takes a Vector. Angular velocity is defined in Vectors, not QAngles.

player.IsFullyAuthenticated spews the same errar… :\

Ah, cool.

Oopsy, will be fixed in tomorrow’s patch.